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Volunteers Needed for Neighborhood House Project

We are working on this house at 1428 East Center Street. We are in need of additional volunteers to help finish scraping the house. Most of it has been scraped. We need to complete the surface preparation before painting the house. Some cedar shakes need to be replaced as well. We have new shakes to replace the old ones. So to sum up, we are seeking volunteers to help get the scraping done, replace shakes and to help paint. Please contact Mike at 507 244 1898 or at mlaplante@aol.com or contact Jim at 507 254 6892.Jeff Urban has also asked for help for Mrs. Harwood, the woman that lives, at 1428 East Center. See his note below.
Please contact Jeff at (jeff@bearchurch.org / 507.261.0720) or contact Mike LaPlante at 507 244 1898 or at mlaplante@aol.comMike LaPlante
Eastside Pioneers Neighborhood Association
507 244 1898
507 282 2667
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From: Jeff Urban <urban.jeffrey@gmail.com>
To: Mike LaPlante <mlaplante@aol.com>; Dean Mcguire <mcvalley@ymail.com>; DebbieDukart1218 <DebbieDukart1218@msn.com>; gdukart <gdukart@msn.com>; Mary Jo Majerus <healingtouch.rmn@gmail.com>
Sent: Tue, Jun 3, 2014 10:29 am
Subject: Harwood Residence – 1428 East Center St

Hey Neighborhood Folks – a quick update…

My friend Josh and I started working on replacing some shakes yesterday afternoon.  I had a good talk with Mrs H.  Please do pray for her.  As you might know, recently we have just learned that Mrs H is now on her own (as of the last couple weeks), as her son and husband have mental illness and are in their own apartments.  She will be 74 tomorrow and is lonely and in need of help cleaning her house.  She has a spinal cord issue and is in pretty constant pain.

Would you be interested in visiting her and possibly doing some cleaning?  If so, I’d like to get one person to meet with Mrs H to set things up and then have a small group of volunteers who could come by as needed / each month to help out.  She was a nurse for over 40 years and just never expected being in the position where she would need so much help.  She is embarrassed that her house is in such bad shape and she is not able to keep it up.
This would be a terrific family outreach opportunity where you could bring the kids along!  Are you interested in heading up this great outreach opportunity?  Let me Jeff know (jeff@bearchurch.org / 507.261.0720).
Also, Jim Smith is hoping to finish scraping and start painting yet this week.  If you might have an hour or two to help, could you call him on his cell (254-6892)?  We also need to finish installing the shakes (they are in the garage with nails) and caulking too.  I have a couple tubes of caulk and caulk gun in the garage too.
Thanks everyone!  You are awesome!!!

Jeff Urban
Outreach Pastor
Bear Creek Church
Rochester, MN
Go to the people, Live among them, Learn from them, Love them, Start with what they know, Build on what they have: But of the best leaders, When their task is done, The people will remark “We have done it ourselves.” — (Chinese Proverb, often quoted by www.CCDA founder, John Perkins)
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