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RNeighbors Board Member Openings (attachment)

Interested in getting involved at a larger picture level of Rochester neighborhoods? RNeighbors currently has openings for two to serve on our board in either a general capacity or as the Treasurer. Responsibilities include monthly board meetings and steer our mission of neighborhood association advocacy and support, as well as participation in RNeighbors events. Treasury qualifications include being able to maintain an Excel spreadsheets and work with RNeighbors staff and our Accountant. Information about current Board members can be found here http://www.rneighbors.org/?page_id=71. The application is attached. For additional information contact rene@RNeighbors.org.

Updated: January 13, 2014 — 12:20 am

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  1. patricia allende de jung

    Mike, wiI am attending a focus group on Jan 28 relating to the DMC and what our neighborhood might want to see as this development relates to this neighborhood. I am asking for your thoughts on this.
    Of course the general things we all agree upon: a safe clean neighborhood where families can live and raise their children.

    What would you like to see happen?
    What else concerns you? How do you see our neighborhood fitting in to the DMC plans?

    Our location and the fact that we are basically perceived as a low income neighborhood make at least part of this neighborhood vulnerable to development. It is interesting to note that the downtown shopping/dining/recreation area of Rochester is quite small even when compared to smaller cities such as Red Wing. The Clinic makes up a great portion of the downtown area, and a lot of Rochester is basically new construction . In addition to more shops and dining and recreational areas, the city recognizes that many younger upwardly mobile people today aren’t looking for single family homes with detached garages but seeking a different lifestyle are choosing to live right in the urban downtown areas of our vital cities. So housing alternatives(other than single family homes) will be in the development mix as well. There is only so many directions this kind of multilevel development can go..

    These are things to consider with regard to how our neighborhood might be affected.

    My personal desire is to see a cleaner more attractive fourth street area. As for our whole neighborhood, a general greening up with better kept boulevards and even an occasional bench wouldn’t be bad. Recognizing that fourth street is already mixed use, and that a greater tax base wouldn’t hurt, I admit that I would be thrilled to see this area developed into green areas with shops and some nicely designed rental or condominium housing for all those new urbanites out there. I also honestly think that by doing this we might better be able to preserve the rest of our neighborhood for basically single family homes. These are my thoughts I will bring with me to the meeting Jan28.

    Also- I think its time our own neighborhood association sets time aside at its meetings in which we can talk about these issues. I am hopeful that will happen soon.

    ESPNA also has a new website and if that is where this conversation is held that is also good with me. I just want to know what others are thinking about this. I would like to bring more than just my own ideas and thoughts to the Jan 28 meeting.
    ll you please post the following

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