Human Trafficking and Prostitution

I attended an interesting meeting on Human Trafficking at Assisi Heights on Saturday January 16. The Sisters of St Francis sponsored this event at Assisi Heights here in Rochester MN. The issue of Human Trafficking came up again in our community this time in connection with a recent prostitution bust at a local massage parlor. The meeting on Human Trafficking that I attended on Saturday is mentioned in the attached KTTC news story. I will post follow up stories on the Human Trafficking meeting that took place on Saturday at Assisi Heights. Saturday’s presenters covered everything from human trafficking to how people are drawn into a life of prostitution, difficulties in breaking free from a life of prostitution, the role of victim services, the role of law enforcement, role of pimps and types of pimps, role of Johns, publishing names of Johns as one form of deterrent, where ads are placed for prostitution related transactions and much more. To view the KTTC news story go KTTC News Story
We have had both the Sisters of St Francis and Mission 21, address past neighborhood association meetings on the subject of Human Trafficking and prostitution. Both groups have ministries that deal with this very serious problem and are very knowledgeable on the subjects of Human Trafficking and prostitution. The plan is to have them back again to update our neighborhood association on this very important issue in the very near future.

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